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A 5 minute video once a week, with actionable steps to help hit your KPI's, and not burn out in the process.
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"I love that you are always trying to help others, that you don't believe in 'protecting' your knowledge and learning, but always rather sharing it all out LOUD with the world, and boosting others up. You are one of the most straight up and most caring people I have ever met."

Bee Strydom
Performance Lead

"Thanks for the amazing insights, you have given me a lot of "idea sparks" that helped me grow as a marketing strategist."

Piotr Korpak
Head of Marketing

"The podcast is brilliant but this weekly mailer is one of my fave things to receive as the content goes some way to answering the 'why' of the title.
Louis fights a good fight for doing marketing properly and encouraging others to do the same. We all need a bit of Louis in our life."

Joe Glover

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Hey! I’m Andrew Mockler- a financial marketer on a mission to help other bank & CU marketers hit their KPI's.

→ (and avoid burnout along the way)

Most people know me from my blog – a small corner of the Internet where I write about marketing for financial institutions. At first it was only a catalog of stuff I didn't want to forget. Turns out there's a fair number of other marketers in the industry looking for a leg-up. Wild right! Who knew.

Right now I’m working at a community bank in Maine, sending a weekly financial marketing newsletter, and continuing to log my thought process on my blog.

Outside of work, I trying to minimize my zombie-box time with trail running, surfing and bird watching.

Think that’s about it! Feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn or Email if you need anything.