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Vancouver StudioWhen I wrote the song “Next Train” little did I know it would be the reason my next big trip would be back to my beloved Vancouver, BC.

Let me explain.

My friend, Tricia Barker, had been on the Rocky Mountain train through the Canadian Rockies and up to Whistler. She loved it. She also loved my song “Next Train”.  When she found out the Rocky Mountaineer people were holding a song contest she urged me to enter.  She also arranged for me to record an acoustic version of the song at Gord Lord’s amazing studio, GGRP and have if filmed by Deb Jenkins at Slim Gin & Tonic. (Huge thanks to both Gord and Deb for their great help on this).

I entered Next Train into the contest and then spent weeks with my fingers crossed hoping it would make the Top Ten and get into the final voting stage! It did! I hoped people loved the song and hoped Rocky Mountaineer felt it was a good fit for their company.

The wait to see if Rocky Mountaineer picked “Next Train” led to some stressful days and weeks (I now know how those contestants on X-Factor feel!!), and then came the big announcement. I had won!! Rocky Mountaineer picked my song over the hundreds that were entered, and there were some pretty spectacular tracks from some rather talented musicians. I could barely believe it; the hard work had paid off! For a long time I’ve played Next Train at gigs. The response from the audience has always been overwhelming and positive. It’s one of the best songs I think I’ve written and the contest win was the best kind of validation.
The win gives me so many opportunities.

1) I get to record the song with the incredible Garth Richardson. Garth has had phenomenal success in the music industry as a producer; the chance to have him work with me on Next Train is a dream come true.

2) I get to come back to Vancouver. During my stay I fell in love with the city and met some people that have become close friends. I consider it to be my second home.

3) I get to work with the lovely folks at Rocky Mountaineer. Their promotional videos have always been YouTube hits and I hope the one made with Next Train will also be that popular.

So thank you to Tricia for inspiring me to enter this contest; without her hard work and connection to Rocky Mountaineer this wouldn’t have happened.

I look forward to getting back to Vancouver and working with all of these amazingly talented people. I feel incredibly lucky and humbled that this has happened and I can’t wait to be sipping my skinny mocha latte at the Granville and Broadway Starbucks; my old haunt. See you soon Vancouver!

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