Vancouver Bound!

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Andrew and Sting May 6th 2004Ok, I’m getting really excited about my trip now. Flights are booked and I fly out from Newcastle, via Heathrow, then onto Canada. I will be in my favourite city from February 18th – March 1st. I’m itching to get back to Vancouver – it’s going to be an absolute blast!!!

I’ve had a pretty rough start to the year, but this trip will be the beginning of something big. Winning the Rocky Mountaineer Song Contest has been the highlight of my year so far, and Rocky Mountaineer keep on making things better – they are looking at producing a full music video for Next Train!!! I am super, super excited about this and can barely believe that this has been added to what is already an incredible prize. We’re also considering having a beautiful woman in the video as my counterpart. Someone would need to endure the arduous task of auditioning these women, but, because I am such a team player, I would be willing to take on that responsibility. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

The folks at Rocky Mountaineer have been incredible so far and this is a fantastic opportunity that I plan to make the most of. I can’t wait to work with them and make Next Train a killer song and a killer video!

And, just randomly, I came across an excerpt of ‘Sting: The Unlikely Lad’ on YouTube, which was a documentary produced by ITV back in 2004. The documentary was about Sting’s return to Newcastle, but also included a bit about the amazing experience that I had with him while he was in town. You can check out the video clip here. Check out how young I look / sound! Oh twenty-year-old me, the things I would tell you if I could…

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